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Introduction to Products & Services

Advanced Tech Partners of Austin offers products and services around CA model based development tooling, legacy modernization, and enterprise Java/EGL applications. We understand the needs of the enterprise developer, and can help you make an informed decision on modernization and development frameworks. Please check out the information provided below, and contact us for more information, demonstrations, or trial copies.

Our Products

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  • WebClient i+ Platform

    The WebClient i+ platform is a internet application generator with RIA extensions, designed to work with the CA Plex development tool.

    The WebClient i+ Framework for CA Plex (WCi+) unlocks the promise of RIA application generation directly from a CA Plex model based development environment. WCi+ adds Web 2.0 capability to the CA Plex enterprise development tool, enabling complete application generation from the presentation layer (HTML, JavaScript, Ajax) to back end business logic (RPG, .NET or J2EE). Designed as a joint effort between CM First and Websydian, WCi+ builds on CA Plex's multiplatform application generation capabilities and Websydian's proven web server environment. Importantly, WCi+ can also utilizes existing functionality in developed in RPG or COBOL.

    CA Plex and 2E customers looking for an RIA/Ajax/Web application generation option.

    • Generate RIA applications from the Plex model.
    • Standards based implementation.
    • Limited training required.
    • Secure and stable.
  • SD Source Scanners

    SDSourceScanners for CA Repository brings an automated, powerful mechanism for integrating software assets into the CA Repository.

    Using the respected multi-language DMS source analysis engine as its core, SD Source Scanners bring enterprise applications under the CA Repository management. Adding program source increases the ROI and effectiveness of your CA Repository investment, enabling deeper impact analysis, component reuse, and faster business process change across your enterprise application portfolio.

    Key Features:

    • Fast, automatic parsing of source code into XML using the CA Repository OO model.
    • Name and type resolution of object oriented classes and methods.
    • Call graph component usage information generated
    • Extensible to include additional component metadata if required.
    • Java supported initially, languages planned for future editions include C#, C, C++, HTML, and others.

    CA Repository customers looking for a way to bring their software under control.

    • Fast, accurate compiler-grade source analysis from a proven source analysis engine.
    • Increase ROI by faster analysis.
    • Identify impact of changing components across complex inheritance structures.

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  • MKS Connector for CA Plex

    The MKS Connector for CA Plex brings powerful application lifecycle management into the hands of CA Plex/2E development organization.

    The MKS Connector for CA Plex integrates the world-class MKS change management environment with the CA Plex model environment. The connector offers a seamless environment to MKS implementor, using CA Plex add-in wizards.


    • Check out objects from Plex to MKS.
    • Fully manage the model lifecycle.
    • Track changes to objects.
    • Configurable to your environment.

    CA Plex customers seeking a tighter and more automated change management environment.

    • Ensures compliance standards are met.
    • Save developer time by automation of routine tasks.
    • Eliminate errors in promotion process.

    Product Tour Presentation

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  • Xpert Ivy for CA Plex

    Many organizations are looking to Business Process Automation and Workflow to increase organizational effectiveness and application ROI.


    • World Class Business Process design capability.
    • Invoke CA Plex/2E objects without recoding.
    • Integrated design environment.

    Enterprise customers embarking on business process re-engineering or workflow implementation projects.

    • Quickly introduce BPM.
    • Achieve ROI faster and with higher quality.


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  • Java/Ajax RIA Professional Services

    Many organizations are retooling enterprise IBM applications from RPG and COBOL to Java, Ajax, RIA, and EGL. Let Advanced Tech Partners of Austin help you jump start this process.

    Advanced Tech Partners of Austin consultancy in Java/Ajax/EGL gives you access to experience consultants who are helped many clients make the transition. Advanced Tech Partners of Austin offers high end services at an affordable prices.

    Skill Sets:

    • IBM i/p/z/n platform skills, RPG and COBOL.
    • CA 2E, Plex, and Repository skills.
    • Java/Rational/EGL J2EE development.
    • Ajax/Dojo RIA front end development.
    • SOA/Web Services Framework creation.
    • Project Management.
    • Google Search Appliance Integration.

    Enterprise customers embarking on Java-based modernization projects.

    • Your developers are up to speed more quickly.
    • Achieve ROI faster and with higher quality.


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